FEVA Foam Star Seat (Yellow) Bicycle Child Carrier for Children 2-5 yrs (max 20kg)

Description FEVA Foam Star Seat (Yellow)
Bicycle Child Carrier for
Children 2-5 yrs (max 20kg)

Compact Mid-mounted design for optimal bike balance and rider comfort. 

Child carriers for bikes can be categorized by mounting positions.

The advantage of a mid-mounted bike seat is that weight is transferred directly onto the bike frame between the two wheels considered to be the most balanced and stable mounting position for carrying extra weight. The Star Seat compact size hardly limits leg movement.

- Well designed footrests keep feet away from wheels.
- Seat belt prevents children from being thrown forward.

- Recommended for children aged 3 to 5 years old with a maximum weight of 20kg (45lbs).

- The FEVA Star Seat is an Adventure, Balance and Confidence promoting seat for use by adults before children are able to cycle safely on their own.

- The Star Seat improves balance, awareness and confidence with adult supervision in a managed environment.

- At less than 1kg, made from tough rubber materials, the FEVA Star Seat does not require much space and is practical to take in your car.

- Communicate with your child while enjoying cycling together. The ability to communicate easily without distraction is safer and adds value to your joint experience.

- No tools are required for installation and FEVA Star Seat fits most bikes with 3 frame settings without causing damage to your bike.

- The FEVA Star Seat is made from high density closed cell foam rubber that has excellent shock absorbing properties and it is tough enough to last for years.

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